We have been in business for 34 years serving the San Francisco bay area doing house/condo remodels and high rise residential unit alterations and remodels.
Jeff Orza brings his years of experience necessary to master the intricacies of the particular challenges of building in an urban location. Even when a job involves service elevators to access a high rise, parking on a heavily trafficked
retail intersection, or coordinating with the building and planning departments of San Francisco, his skill makes execution of all the aspects of the job look effortless. Jeff makes the process look easy and the experience seamless for the client. He takes the guesswork out of challenges that stump most builders not accustomed to intercity construction.

The relationships build over years make it possible for Jeff to recommend how to obtain the engineering and architectural drawings necessary to meet the requirements for “the city” with the minimum of expense, time and effort. His experienced dealings bring excellent longterm relationships with the personnel in the SF Planning and Building Departments.

He is happy to provide experts for consultation, design, and development tailoring each step to meet the client's needs. Once owners know the scope of their job they still need to know a realistic timeline for completion and a budget. Jeff’s proposals are based on collecting data from start to finish resulting in this information being detailed, accurate and honest. That is why Jeff is in high demand. Many of his clients have used him repeatedly on a variety of different projects.

Some of his commercial projects include earthquake retrofit of 14 story elevator shafts; upgrade of retirement medical wing to OSPAD and OSA standards, and Victorian concrete restoration above Union Square, San Francisco.

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